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02.11.2018 - Black Friday
The mega-discount on the purchase of new faucets is already in effect (95%) and will last until November 26 (Black Friday). After every 25 purchases, the discount will decrease by 1% (later = more expensive)! Hurry up!

18.10.2018 - New Dogecoin faucets
100 new Dogecoin faucets are connected. Increase your income!

24.09.2018 - DDOS
DDOS attack on our servers is successfully reflected. Users who had activated the ROBOT at the time of the attack did not suffer, as the ROBOT bypassed their faucets themselves. Users whose the ROBOT at the time of the attack was not active could not bypass the active faucets in manual mode. As compensation, we made significant discounts for the purchase of new faucets and the connection of the ROBOT.

21.09.2018 - DDoS
Currently, our service is under the DDoS-attack. At times, access to the service will be limited. This does not appear in the user accounts. Thank you for understanding.

19.08.2018 - New Payeer faucets + Discount
Connected 48 new Payeer faucets. Increase your income!

18.08.2018 - Payout
Packet payouts to users' accounts where has more than 50 faucets was introduced.

07.08.2018 - Fixed login
We fixed login page with password, and now everything all working. We working for you, don't worry!

06.08.2018 - 2FA
A process has been launched to implement 2FA to protect user accounts. After the completion of the current tasks, we will begin implementing package payments to user wallets.

26.07.2018 - New Dashcoin faucets
891 new Dashcoin faucets are connected. Increase your income!

26.05.2018 - Send funds
Added the ability to transfer funds between accounts. The transfer of funds is protected by individual PIN code.

20.05.2018 - We are 1 year old!
Today we celebrate our anniversary. We thank all the participants of our system for using our service. Over the past year, our system has registered more than 400,000 participants and it pleases. You made the right choice! We have huge plans for the development of the service and for the growth of each participant.

12.05.2018 - 1 Year together
May 20 we will celebrate the anniversary! In honor of this event, we give a super discount of up to 60% on the purchase of new faucets!

20.03.2018 - Technical works
From 20 to 21 March we will conduct technical work on the service. Periodically, the service may not be available. Thank you for understanding.

04.08.2017 - DIP
We have developed an investment program for each user. Get bonuses every day for trusting us.

02.08.2017 - Payeer collector
We are glad to inform you about additional income Payeer bonuses. Now each user can additionally register himself a Payeer account and collect bonuses.

30.07.2017 - The ROBOT
Our development, which allows everyone to automate their income by 100%. The service is already running and is available for 5 days absolutely free.

15.06.2017 - New Bitcoin faucets
Connected 60 new Bitcoin faucets. Increase your income!

29.05.2017 - New Bitcoin faucets
10 new Bitcoin faucets are connected. Increase your income!

20.05.2017 - Official launch
Our service has successfully worked in the beta version and from today we have an open day. For each new user we connect one faucet as a gift for free.

18.05.2017 - Launching the beta version
We launched the first registration of user accounts in the Bitcoin Collector. With a maximum available number of faucets - 5.

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