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Daily on the Internet there are services that provide users with funds bonuses for various activities. When users begin to receive them, they understand that the bonus is so small that the cost of personal time is not justified.

Observing the situation on the market, we developed a platform on which themajority bonus services into one ecosystem and automated collection of bonuses. We call each source a faucets. In addition to combining multiple faucets into a single unit, we also combined fees for different payment systems on the same site.

Initially, our service was developed for the personal interests of the team, but every day we talked about the project to other peopleand came out on the Chinese investors. Together we laid the plan for its development in the project and sent the service to production. Almost a month later, more than 5,000 users through our technologies fully automated their income. They are happy, and we at the expense of their joy, the sale of automation "ROBOT " and the connection of new faucets receive deductions.

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Immediately after registration, you will receive a bonus faucet as agift.
Also, you can automate the collection of bonuses for 5 days completelyfree.

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